How to use 📃

What is OxyWireframe?

Think of this kit as a boilerplate to work with and carry out your future projects. 

By creating many sites, we realized that many preliminary setting actions were repeated, so we decided to make this kit.

At the same time this design set will not bind you to a specific style, it will give you the possibility to create anything you desire and will give your site the style that best reflects its identity. 

When should I use this Kit?

Use this kit as a starting point for new projects. Do not use it on running or pre-existing projects, it will corrupt your current settings.

This happens because when the settings.json file is imported into oxygen the correct basic settings are installed and overwritten the existing ones.

Why should I use it?

This design set will save you a lot of time and will give you the opportunity to be organize, consistent, and precise.

It is important to be accurate during a project. This will make it more maintainable.

How to use? Here's an example!

This video shows how to start from a wireframe, low fidelity landing page and build a customized landing page with it's own personality.

We show how you can use BEM classes to style your components. They are all already set up for you. How to create new modifiers and elements when you need to and a lot of other stuff.

Enjoy it! 😉