Install ⬇️

If you'd rather watch videos instead of reading, you can get a quick setup guide here.

This short guide shows  you how to install the library design set and how to configure all its settings for greater accuracy and time saving.

Be careful while using it. You need to think of this UI Kit as a solid boilerplate for future projects that will save you a lot of time. 

We do not recommend using it on an existing project, it will corrupt your current settings. We take no responsibility for errors caused by installations made on existing projects.

⚙️ Global Settings 

Oxygen global settings allow you to configure everything in regards to the entire website.
It is important not to overlook these settings, because an incorrect configuration could lead to an inaccurate site and unnecessary waste of time.
After purchasing this design set, you will be able to download the settings.json file, which will allow you to pre-configure all the settings for your website. You will just have to follow these easy steps. This file will import all global settings, selectors and stylesheets.
Step 1.
Open the settings.json file and copy all its content.
Step 2.
Navigate to Oxygen → Export & Import and paste the content in the box shown in the image and select the checkbox: "Import Global Colors".

(Warning: This will overwrite all Global Colors on the site.). But don't worry about that: if you are executing this installation on new blank website (as we suggest) this is a great choice.

Then click the "Submit" button.
Import OxygenSettings Wireframe Kit Design Set

🌄 Add Library

To install the library of this kit and take advantage of all its ready-to-use blocks, you will need to navigate to Oxygen → Settings → Library

Then just click on "Enable 3rd Party Design Sets" like in the picture below.
Enable 3rd Party Desgin Set Oxygen - WireframeKit
Then, just click on "Update". 

You will be shown a "Add Design Set" entry. Click on it and add the site key present in the PDF in the text field present. As shown in the image below.
Add Source Site Oxygen - Wireframe Kit
Now you're all set up and ready to go. Enjoy our design set!