OxyWireframe Figma Kit is coming!  🚀

110+ low-fidelity
sections for Oxygen 

An organized and well-structured UI Kit.

OxyWireframe is a Design Set that uses the BEM pattern and REM units. Designed as a Wireframe to create anything you want.

110+ blocks ready to be edited in different ways every time. Soon available!

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Don’t build the same site twicE

To each website its own personality

Use this kit to give your website the most appropriate style in no time.

Rounded edges and bright gradients are not suited for a classic and elegant website.

Use the classes developed in this design set and add your own if necessary.

You can create all the styles you want. For real.

See how to use CSS classes
Advanced CSS class naming

Use classes like a pro with BEM Pattern


The BEM approach to writing classes is achievable with minimal effort in Oxygen and will make your life much easier.

Component classes are perfectly organized and extendable. It will also be much easier to search for them in the suggestions.

This design set is meant to be extended. You will be given an organized starting point and you can add every class you want: elements and modifiers.

See how BEM pattern works
CSS BEM Pattern Naming Convention Wireframe Kit Example
REM sizes Wireframe Kit Example
stop using media queries for this

Keep it fluid with REM units

Get an automatic responsive design with our default settings. Using REM units and you won't have to worry about responsiveness anymore.

This will improve your workflow speed!

Fluid Typography

Headings and text will scale automatically.

Fluid size

All margin, padding and sizes will scale too.

See how REM units works

Why choose OxyWireframe?

Fast Workflow

Create and prototype websites in less time.

BEM Pattern

Each element uses the BEM naming convention.

Fluid typo/sizes

Texts and sizes automatically scaled.

100% Responsive

Each section is 100% responsive on every device.

Organized Code

SEO friendly elements and simple code structure.

Custom identity

Start from a wireframe and create your own brand.

What you get

110 blocks

110 blocks designed and crafted with care for you. Consistent and reusable designs.

Custom settings

You will be given a file to set up all configurations for BEM classes and REM sizes.

Lifetime access

No subscriptions. You will get unlimited support and free future updates.


Price EXCLUSIVE of VAT Taxes

Create each time a different website with OxyWireframe. Design and prototype with this kit crafting something unique.

Get OxyWireframe

Read our docs and refund policy before purchase.