Colors 🎨

Oxygen Builder allows you to manage all colors globally. With our configuration, all colors are defined in an orderly way, providing different palettes, each with a specific purpose. Choosing to well organize your color palette will help you tremendously.

Video tutorial

Why multiple color palettes?

Every website (or 99% of them) has at least one primary color, used to distinguish its brand, a neutral color, usually used for titles and texts, and possibly some accent colors.

For each of the colors chosen for your palette, you may actually need more shades of that color, creating a dedicated palette. Because you could need more colors than you think.

This is an example of how the organization of color palettes is thought up.

Refactoring UI color scheme - Wireframe Kit Palette

credits: Refactoring UI

In the settings you will find two palettes: one for primary colors and one for neutral ones

Color Palettes Wireframe Kit Oxygen Builder

Change primary and neutral colors as you wish.

To generate your own color scale based on a specific color, just use an awesome color generation tool.

Color Palette ToolColor Tool Wireframe Kit

Enter a color and click "Go".  Your palette will be immediately generated. The selected color will be the 500.

Then copy and paste colors inside your palette.

Need accent color palettes? No problem, create a palette for each of the additional colors and use the same approach.

Need more colors? No problem! Just create a new accent palette and use the same approach! 😉